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Z Zacmi

Milk Powder Market Scenario

The global Whole Milk Powder Market is expected to register a constant positive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in the next 5 years. Whole milk powder has a longer shelf life compared to fresh milk, reducing the risk of wastage. This is one of the driving factors responsible for growth in the global whole milk powder market. Whole milk powder is made from fresh milk and hence contains all the nutrients present in fresh milk. Whole milk powders are also often fortified with other essential nutrients, another reason for the growth of global whole milk powder market demand.

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Telescopic Powder Filler

Zacmi has a wide experience with telescopic filler for granular and powder products, especially designed to dose sensitive products such as milk, instant coffee, chocolate and other granular products into rigid containers, preserving quality and avoiding any risk of product waste with an excellent and reliable fill accuracy rate. Zacmi Telescopic Powder Filler can be integrated with a special Tubular Vibrator Feeding Hopper, sealed safety guards, an individual plate-lifting system to prevent the formation of dust and a Vibrating device at the end of the filling phase for product settlement inside the container.

A Feedback system to adjust the dosage according to the data coming from the checkweigher, completes the range of equipment specially designed for powder product such as milk powder, chocolate, coffee, etc.